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What Gemstone Are You??

There are over 100 types of gemstones known to the world, each one is unique with it's own colour, and backstory. The history and use of gemstones dates back many centuries; different gemstones carry different beliefs and uses given to them from ancient times. Though there are dozens of gemstones around there world, here is the history of some of our favourites and most popular! Do you already know everything there is to know about gems? Scroll to the bottom of the blog to take our "What Gemstone Are You?" quiz!

Diamond - hands down the worlds most popular gemstone! Diamonds are mined from 100 miles beneath the Earths surface. The original stone is put under heat and pressure to create the sparkling clear gem we know and love. The quality of a diamond is determined by The 4 C's - Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour. Diamonds are a highly desired gemstone and for years have been a symbol of eternal love. April birthstone.

Ruby - Representing love, passion and emotion the ruby is another one of the most popular gemstones out there. For years the Ruby was considered "King of the Gems" and people believed wearing a Ruby brought you great fortune. Rubies come in a range of colours from a purple hue to a deep red and almost orange colour. The deep red is the most valued as it represents the most passionate colour. July birthstone.

Sapphire - Another favourite by all, and one of the rarest gemstones. Sapphires do come in different shades (pinks, purples, oranges and blues) but blue sapphires are the most valued and the most rare of the Sapphire family.

Blue sapphires are often paired with diamonds and are one of the most popular engagement gems (besides diamonds of course). Not only is this due to the beautiful colour but because sapphires represent honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. September birthstone.

Emerald - Not only is emerald a beloved gem of today but it was also a beloved gem of ancient times. Egyptian Mummies were often buried with an emerald around their necks to symbolize eternal youth; Cleopatra was also known for her love of emeralds. The more vivid green the emerald is the more valuable it is as well. Emeralds are also one of the more rare gemstones. May birthstone.

Morganite - known for divine love with it's beautiful pink, peach and fuchsia hues, this is defintely one of the more romantic gemstones! Morganite is becoming more and more popular to women of all ages. It's soft colours and beautiful shine makes it a highly desired gemstone.

It is sometimes referred to as a "Pink Emerald" as it is in the same family as emerald gemstones.

Citrine - This shining gem has been referred to as a gift from the sun as it's colour highly resembles those of the sun. The name citrine is from the french word meaning "lemon", again referring to the yellow colour it can often give off. Citrine is one of the least rare gemstones to come across giving it a smaller price point compared to other, more rare gemstones. November birthstone.

Stay connected for our next blog on gemstones as there are many many more precious gems to cover! In the mean time have some fun with this quiz brought to you by Silveri Jewellers! "What Gemstone Are You?"

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