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The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide

Gift buying can be tricky, thankfully when it comes to anniversaries history has written us an extensive list of gift suggestions for each year! These gift suggestions became tradition throughout different places and spaces of history and for many years it was extremely common for spouses to gift each other something that followed the theme suggestion for that year. As time has gone on these traditions have changed and adapted and overall become slightly less commonly followed.

When searching the internet to find this list of anniversary gifts you can become overwhelmed with all of the different options; there are "traditional" gifts for the US and the UK that are similar but vary and then there is the list of "modern" gifts. Beyond those lists are more specific lists like flowers for each year and, our favourite, gemstone gifts for each year. This can get overwhelming and end up almost being too many options! That's why we've created this easy to follow guide to help you choose the perfect gift to celebrate another year together.

** Please note that there are varying gift suggestions out there. These were complied through the most popular suggestions and the most common to find today.**

These anniversary gift suggestions have truly stood the test of time, although there have been small adaptations through the years they generally stay the same. The great thing about these gift themes is that while styles and trends change there will always modern versions of the gift themes. Our favourite options are of course the gemstones because with the right care, jewellery pieces can last a lifetime. So, what year are you celebrating and what will you celebrate it with?

white gold peridot pendant with diamond halo

Year 1 - Peridot

Peridot is the official birthstone of August and the gemstone of choice for celebrating your first anniversary. This beautiful light green stone is a symbol of strength and empowerment.

Year 5 - Rose Quartz

The fifth anniversary gemstone gift is the very pretty Rose Quartz. Part of the worlds largest mineral family, Quartz, Rose Quartz has been a symbol of love and beauty for thousands of years.

Year 10 - Diamond

The strength of a diamond symbolizes the strength of your love. Whether it's an anniversary band, earrings or a fabulous pendant year ten together is the perfect time to celebrate your love with diamonds!

Year 15 - Ruby

Rubies are believed to encourage closeness in a relationship, the rich, deep red colour is a beautiful representation of your deep love for one another.

Year 20 - Emerald

A stone as rare as your love is a great symbol to celebrate year 20 with. The emerald stone is believed revive passion, whether that is passion in any area of your life that needs it.

Year 30 - Pearl

Pearls are legendary for their timeless beauty. They are a classic gem that never goes out of style. Pearls symbolize loyalty as well as purity, generosity and integrity.

Year 45 - Sapphire

A royal stone through and through, Sapphire is a symbol of wisdom, power and strength. After 45 years together your love is strong and powerful, it comes with years of growth and and has brought you wisdom as you continue through life together.

Whatever you are celebrating we love getting to celebrate with you! To see a wide selection of gemstone pieces you can visit us in store at 995 Paisley Road in Guelph, ON or head over to

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