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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Sometimes you have a vision for the perfect jewellery piece, you know exactly what you want but it feels like everywhere you look you haven't found anything exactly like the piece you're dreaming of. At Silveri we're all about making your dreams come true and that's what we got to do recently with Sharon and her dream Morganite Ring! Check out the journey of her ring...

It Starts With an Idea

Whether it's an idea in your mind or you have a photo for inspiration, our Goldsmith is happy to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities for your custom re-mount or jewellery design. When it comes to the possibilities, they are endless - no matter the design you desire, we can make it happen.

When Sharon met with our Goldsmith she had an inspiration photo of the type of setting she was envisioning, and she already had two matching diamonds she wanted to incorporate into the design which helped her pick the setting style. Together they came up with the design and we were then able to source the stones that would be appropriate for the ring.

Finding the Perfect Match

These stones were brought in for Sharon and she got to pick the one she liked most to be set in her ring!

We can help you source out the perfect stones for your piece. We work with a variety of companies to provide you with the most luxurious, high-quality gemstones and diamonds. We take measurements to match your vision and source out your desired stones. Are you a visual person? We work with a few companies who know that it can be hard to judge just by a picture. We are likely able to have the stones sent in to view in person. If you aren't happy with the stones we can source something else!

What do You Bring to the Table? Besides the vision and design for your piece you can also bring in any loose stones you may have OR you can bring in old jewellery and we can use the stones from it to create your piece.

Can You See it Now?

Ring Rendering

Next, we send your stones away to a company we work with who can provide us with computer generated images made on Auto Cad. These renderings can give you a picture of what your piece will look like!

From here, you will be able to examine the images and make any changes you see fit. Once you have given the go ahead your piece begins its journey to completion! The mount will be created and the stones will be set, all with great care and expertise.

A Dream Come to Life

Once your piece is completed it will be sent via currier to our store, we will examine it to ensure it is looking as you described and then you will be notified to come pick up your piece. Upon receiving your piece, you will ensure it is looking just as you imagined it would!

This is the final product of Sharon's morganite ring! She is extremely happy with the outcome, enjoyed the process and says this is her new favourite ring to wear!

Make Your Jewellery Dreams Come True

Book your free consult with our goldsmith today - see what can be done with jewellery you already own, or what dream pieces can be created custom just for you!


Phone: Guelph (519) 824-9700

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