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Your Journey To The Perfect Ring

The pressure of finding the perfect engagement ring is sometimes too real. You're selecting a piece of jewellery that will be cherished and worn on the daily for many, many years. It's one tiny object that holds big significance. The pressure can sometimes feel silly - it's a ring, what's the big deal? The big deal is this ring will be around for your forever, it's the symbol of your love for each other and a statement of your story. It's a special decision and a special purchase, so let's see what we can do to remove some of that pressure.

Each couple has a different way of going about the ring and engagement process. Sometimes it's a complete surprise, and sometimes it's totally planned. Sometimes the ring buyer knows exactly what to look for and sometimes you're completely and totally lost. Well, that's where we come in, there are just a few simple questions you need to answer that will get you closer to finding the ring.

Let's Start With the Gold

We like to start here because this is usually an easy and quick decision to make that narrows things down and takes one more decision off your plate. When it comes to gold it's pretty simple - traditional yellow, timeless White, trending Rose or a mix of either three!

We say this is an easy decision because it's most often comes down to, what does she usually go for? Does she like the traditional look of yellow gold? Does she desire something that will never go out of style, mixes well with other jewellery and is kept simple? Or is she into a modern trendy look that currently comes from rose gold? The next question we'll often ask when it comes to gold is the karat - 10, 14 or 18 karat. Here's a quick guide to making this decision.

10 karat gold - contains less gold than 14 and 18 karat which makes it a bit stronger of a metal and also means it's more affordable.

14 karat gold - a good middle grounds, contains more gold than 10kt, less gold than 18kt so is therefore a bit stronger than 18kt but slightly softer than 10kt.

18 karat gold - as you can assume from the above information 18kt gold contains more gold than 10 and 14kt making it the softest of the three and more expensive than the other two.

Have an idea of the gold your ring will be made of? Let's move on!

To Solitaire or Not to Solitaire...

The next question to answer is, would you like the diamond to stand alone with no accent stones on the side? or are you leaning more towards a cluster style ring?

This is considered the setting style. The most common settings are solitaire, trinity and cluster. We then look at options like a 'halo' which is when there is a ring of smaller stones around the main stone. Once you've decided on the look you want for the mount (solitaire or cluster) you can then think about the shoulders (band) of the ring, bling? or no bling?

Cut It Out!

Regardless of the gold, setting and band, one of the most important pieces of the ring to think about is the cut or shape of the diamond.

Brilliant (round), princess (square) and emerald cut are the most popular diamond cuts followed by pear, oval, and cushion cut. But, popular or not it really comes down to what her desired look is, or what you think best suites her style. The diamond cut really gives the ring its character and building a ring around this decision is very exciting!

The Four What?

I'm sure you've heard of them, the Four C's, they seem to be the end all be all of diamonds, and they truly are very important in ensuring you're getting a ring that will give you the right sparkle and shine you're looking for. The C's are Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat to learn more about them click here.

Information Overload?

Looking to simplify the information you've just taken in? Click here to download our simple one page guide to getting the perfect ring design. Looking for further guidance? Visit our Diamond and Engagement Specialists in store at Silveri Jewellers today!

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