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Wedding Day Jewellery Essentials

I know, another thing to add to the list, really? Sorry girl, but with the perfect wedding comes the perfectly long list of things to do! Your theme is picked, your dress is bought, now let's add some s p a r k l e to your big day.

For the Bride

With today's modern wedding we've essentially thrown out all the "rules" meaning you can have and do whatever you want that most perfectly represents you and your boo. Traditionally, wedding jewellery for the bride has meant pearls or diamonds, and honestly, that tradition still has strong legs to stand on. When looking at what to pair with a gorgeous white wedding gown you can't help but style it with charming pearls or sophisticated diamonds. But of course, if you want to add a pop of colour, gemstones are totally welcome! Each option has their place, now let's see what best suits your wedding look...

Matching the Vibe

If you're having a hard time narrowing down what jewellery you'd like to wear on your wedding day, considering matching it to your wedding theme. In general we've got traditional, modern and eclectic style weddings. If your theme leans traditional then pearls are the perfect addition to your bridal look.

Maybe you're taking a more modern design route, in that case diamonds are your best friend! They're clean, classy and bring a beautiful sparkle with them.

If your perfect day is giving more eclectic vibes then this is where introducing colour through your jewellery with gemstones is a wonderful idea.

wedding day jewellery matched with wedding day style

Flashing Your Pearly Whites

white pearl earrings

You've decided on pearls now it's time to pick your jewels. When it comes to earrings you can go with a drop earring or or studs. Choosing the style is a bit of a snowball effect - typically, if you go with simple earrings you can then have a statement necklace and vice versa. The neckline of your dress and hair style also play a part in these decisions, with some dresses you may not want a necklace at all if the neckline or details are busier and a statement in themselves. If this is the case then a pearl bracelet is a great idea.

yellow gold pearl bracelet

A Day With Diamonds

Of course, the most popular choice for bridal jewellery is diamonds, or diamond look a-likes (cubic zirconia, simulated diamonds etc.) Once again, you can choose your jewellery design based on your hairstyle, and dress silhouette. Below we've outlined some of our favourite pieces for brides, you can go big and make a statement or keep it simple and modest, the options are endless.

Bringing the Colour

Coloured gemstone jewellery for your wedding ensemble is a great choice if you want to add some personality, maybe add "something blue" or tie in your wedding colours to your look.

oval cut aquamarine necklace with diamond halo in white gold

If you like tradition and want to ensure you have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, then choosing a blue coloured-stone for your jewellery is the way to go. For a subtle pop of blue Aquamarine is lovely, or you can choose Sapphires, Tanzanite or Topaz to bring a bold blue into the mix. No matter your wedding theme there is a whole rainbow of coloured gemstone jewellery to pick from.

bride in wedding dress with captions listing what to think about when picking jewellery including hair, dress neckline, dress look, wedding theme

Putting It All Together

Okay, let's recap - you've got your dress and now it's time to bring in the bling which compliments your dress, and personality, best. When choosing your pieces you want to think about the neckline of your dress, the overall body and look of your dress plus your wedding theme and hair style! This will all help narrow down your decision making, but at the end of the day what's important is picking pieces that you LOVE, pieces you're comfortable in and hopefully something you can wear and cherish long after your special day comes to an end.

If you need some help or direction in finding the perfect wedding day accessories, we're here to help! Visit us in-store for a free bridal consultation. Contact us today for more details. ••

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