What's It Worth Contest Details

"What's It Worth" is a monthly contest that takes place on Silveri's Facebook and Instagram page. Each month we will be giving away a Silveri Jewellers gift card - full details and contest rules below.

How It Works:

1. Each Wednesday an Estate jewellery piece will be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

2. To make your guess at what the piece is worth you must comment on the image with your guess.

3. Whoever guesses closest to the retail price without going over, will win a Silveri Jewellers Gift Certificate!

4. If more than one person makes the same correct guess they will both receive a gift certificate, but only the first five to guess correctly will qualify as a winner for that week.

5. The contest will close the following Friday at 2:00PM and all votes made after this time will not be eligible to win (although you may still make your guess if you wish).

6. On the following Monday the price of the piece and the winner will be announced.

If You Win:

You will be able to pick up your gift certificate the following week at a Silveri Jewellers closest to you (Kitchener or Guelph). If you share our What's It Worth post on your Facebook or Instagram page celebrating your winnings, you will receive an additional $25 at Silveri!

Check out this weeks What's It Worth post and make your guess:

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