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Custom Jewellery Design & Restyling

Silveri Jewellers is fortunate to have Todd Koebel, Owner and Master Goldsmith, working in store on all jewellery repairs and custom work. If you're looking to create a custom piece, the first step is to provide us with a description of what you're looking for and/or inspiration images. You can bring these to your consultation with Todd, where he will walk you through the design process using your ideas and his jewellery knowledge to design the piece you're dreaming of. Depending on the piece, we may outsource the work to a trusted manufacturer located in Toronto, ON - they are able to provide a 3D Rendering of what your item will look like, this helps us give you a complete picture of what to expect and we can always make adjustments along the way.

Custom pieces can be created from brand new materials (gold, diamonds, coloured stones etc.) or we can work with jewellery you already own - this is what we consider a "Restyle". Jewellery Restyling is when we take items you've inherited or no longer love the look of and design and create it into something new and fresh that you will love to wear again. The Restyling process is much like creating a completely custom piece, we just integrate your materials in the final product. Questions? Feel free to contact us to discuss Custom Jewellery and Jewellery Restyling further.
Blue Topaz Pearl Pendant
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