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Gold Buying

Yellow gold chains, gold buying

Bring in your old/unwanted jewellery today; you can trade your old gold in for store credit, towards repairs or a cheque. You would be surprised on how quickly the scrap value on broken chains and single earrings can add up!

We also offer remounting services and will offer credit towards the old mounts for the work. In certain instances we do offer on larger diamonds and gemstones in pristine condition.

Other services that we provide are, advising on larger jewellery lots such as in the case of an estate. We will take the time to go through the jewellery and offer recommendations on evaluating or purchasing.

For this service, appointments are recommended. 

Please keep in mind as per City of Guelph by-laws, we require you to have one piece of photo identification and an accompanying piece with a name to match the first piece of identification (acceptable forms: Drivers license, citizenship card with photo, passport).

Be mindful that as we are buying old, used jewellery, we are unable to pay the appraised value for the item as this is a replacement cost, not a resale value. Depending on stone quality, we can offer 10 to 15 percent of the items appraised value.  To get a better value for your items, selling privately sometimes bodes well to get more for your pieces.

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