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Behind The Trend: Rose Gold

Rose Gold Citizen Watch

Rose Gold has been making its name known lately; the recent trend of rose gold jewellery has caught our attention and we're here to shed some light on the history of rose gold and what makes it different from other metals out there.

What Gives Rose Gold Its Pink Tone?

Rose gold has a lovely soft look to it because of the subtle pink tones it has. In order to get the rosey look, pure gold is mixed with copper. Because of this, rose gold can often look, and be confused for copper and vice versa! The important thing to remember when telling the difference is that copper has a more orange hue and rose gold a pinker/peachier hue.

Rose Gold Copper Jewelry

Russian Gold

Cartier Trinity Ring

Rose Gold was first worn as jewellery in the 19th century in Russia giving it the nickname "Russian Gold". It rose to popularity during this time when Peter Carl Fabergé created the first Fabregé Egg. Rose gold has since gone in and out of style multiple times. During the Victorian Era rose gold had a few moments of fame but soon fell out of popularity, until the 1920's when Cartier created its famous Trinity Ring (pictured below). This rings popularity spread quickly and soon enough rose gold had made its way back on the scene!

This trend of course only last a short time when white metals such as white gold and platinum became extremely favoured in the 1930's. However, when World War II hit, platinum became limited as it was being used for the military. So, jewellers turned back to yellow and rose gold! After the war platinum and white gold eventually became the desired metal again, leaving rose gold almost forgotten.

Everything's Coming Up Roses

An era you may now very well recall is the last six years when the rise of rose gold in jewellery was striking. Rose gold has not only made a major comeback in jewellery but it has also been a key colour trend in technology. Phones, watches, computers and more are all sporting the peachy pink tone of rose gold and in 2018 we are defintely at the height of this rose gold fad. That being said, as we've seen, trends are always changing, so who knows how much longer the spotlight will be on this beloved pink metal. For the time being we are welcoming it in with arms wide open! ∆

rose gold jewellery

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