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Emerald FAQ

Updated: 2 days ago

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about emeralds.

What Determines the Value of an Emerald?

     An emeralds value is determined by colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. the most valuable emeralds are bluish green to pure green with vivid saturation of colour. These emeralds will feature a colour that is evenly distributed throughout the gemstone.

     A downside to emerald is that the majority of these emeralds contain inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. The inclusions can affect the appearance as well as the durability of the gemstone. Emeralds that are free from inclusions are very rare, making them extremely valuable.

     The cut of an emerald that minimizes any possible fractures makes the gemstone less vulnerable to chipping or damages and maximizes the colour.

Can Emerald Be Worn Everyday?

     On the Moh’s scale of mineral harness, the emerald stone comes in between 7.5-8. This means that they require extra care compared to most durable gemstones. Due to their many inclusions, you need to make sure you’re not bumping it on any hard surfaces, doing so may chip or damage the stone

How Do I Care For My Emerald Jewellery?

     In addition to making sure you are not hitting your emerald jewellery on any hard objects, you should also avoid harsh chemicals. To clean an emerald use warm water and a soft brush or cloth.

Can Emeralds Be Treated?

     Yes - Emeralds are brittle because they are formed under more stressful geological conditions. Many commercial emeralds are treated with oil or polymer resin to fill the cracks.

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