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Let's Talk: Emeralds

Say hello to one of the worlds most desired gemstones - the emerald! For over 5000 years emeralds have been one of the most valuable and loved stones. Their rich green colour makes for a stunning look and when set in gold, or surrounded by diamonds you really can't resist them.

The Big Three

Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald make up what is known as the "Big Three" of coloured gemstones. Combined, these three stones bring about more economic activity than all other coloured stones put together.

The Emerald Mark On History

As mentioned, emeralds have been valued and desired for thousands of years. Royals, from every generation, have loved this stunning stone not only for its looks, but also the influence they believe it carries. Cleopatra was well known for her love of emeralds and it's been stated that she adorned herself and her home with the green stone and used it as a way to display of her wealth and power, thus bringing on the popularity of the stone amongst people in high places.

A Symbol of Riches

With the emerald being such a high class stone for centuries, its natural that it gained a reputation of power, strength and riches. In ancient times it was believed to carry the influence of fertility and immortality. Today, many believe it to represent love, new beginnings and hope. Its representation of new beginnings is what makes it the perfect stone for spring and the perfect birthstone for May - out with the old and in with the new!

Shop Emerald Jewellery

Whether celebrating love, life or a new beginning consider celebrating with emerald - shop online here today.


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