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Rhodium Plating: A Jewellery Game Changer

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Do you have white gold rings? Have you noticed they've lost their original shine and colour? Maybe they look as if they're turning yellow or are looking a bit more dull than they were when you first placed them on your finger. Many people find themselves disappointed when they discover this is happening and think maybe they've treated their rings poorly. The truth is, this is just the circle of life for white gold jewellery. And the best part is there is an easy, inexpensive way to bring these fading pieces back to their original state!

Rhodium - Down To a Science

Rhodium is a silver-white metal found in the platinum family. Something fascinating about Rhodium is that it is actually more rare than gold! It is considered the worlds rarest and most precious metal. The beauty of Rhodium when it comes to jewellery is that it is a noble metal which means it is not easily affected by oxygen and is resistant to corrosion. So therefore, even silver jewellery can benefit from being rhodium plated as silver is highly affected by oxygen and is what causes it to tarnish so easily.

From Lack to Luster

After wearing your white gold jewellery for a few years you will start to notice a slight change in colour. The original silver-white look has now turned a bit yellow. And that original shine is also now a lot more dull and faded. This happens most commonly in rings that are worn everyday, as they are rubbing against skin for hours on end. They also come in contact with a lot more elements and oils when being worn everyday. With rings you will also start to notice small scratches on the surface because again, everyday wear brings them in contact with many different items and surfaces that overtime can scratch the gold and original plating. On occasion a simple buff and polish can bring back some of that original shine however, after a while they do need to be re-dipped in rhodium in order to look like new again.

Finding a Fix

The good news in all of this is that your rings don't have to stay looking dull and faded forever. Silveri Jewellers offers polishing and rhodium plating that is done in-house. We would be delighted to bring your old pieces back to life with a polish a fresh coat of rhodium. Visit us in-store or contact us for details. ••


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