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Why Restyle?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Breathe new life into your old jewellery with a restyle! Do you have jewellery you no longer wear because you find the design to be outdated? Or maybe you love the design of your piece but it's been worn a lot and has seen better days. A jewellery restyle can fix both of those problems without having to completely say goodbye to the piece.

Stone Replacement

One avenue you can take with a restyle is taking an existing piece and swapping out the stone(s). One of our customers had this gorgeous ring with an emerald stone that had gotten overly scratched and worn down, she desired to have it replaced with a sapphire so we brought in a selection of stones for her to choose from. When she decided on this sapphire our goldsmith was able to take in the ring and replace the stone giving her a ring that felt brand new and is no longer hiding in her jewellery box.

Mount Replacement

This customers ring had been worn for many years and it was starting to show. They brought it in to Silveri and our goldsmith was able to use the centre diamond and remount it into a brand new mount that was essentially the same as the original. In the restyled ring, the customer opted to thicken the band slightly which made room for some larger accent diamonds on the shoulders of the ring. What a great example of bringing new life into an old piece!

Restyling and Beyond

Besides refurbishing your jewellery, as we've shown above, you can also take the precious stones from your existing jewellery and have it redesigned into a completely new piece as shown in the image here of a pear pendant that we redesigned into a completely custom ring.

Restyling Events

Want to save on your restyling? Twice a year we hold a Restyling Event where you can receive 20% OFF jewellery restyling. Contact us today or check our Events Page to see when our next Restyling Event is being held.

Completely Custom

Sometimes we can be inspired by something we see online, in a movie or on tv and desire to have something just like it. We've had many customers bring us a picture of the item they would like made and we are able to have it created just for them. Check out this blog post to learn more about completely custom pieces>>


Contact us today to discuss Restyling further or if you'd like to schedule a free consultation.

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