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Let's Talk: Pearls

Often referred to as "The Queen of Jewels" pearls have remained captivating and highly desirable for centuries. Aside from diamonds, they are one of the most timeless gemstones around as they never truly go out of style and their value stands the test of time.

natural pearl strand necklace

Set Apart From The Rest

Unlike all other gemstones, pearls are the only jewels that are produced from a living creature. Pearls are formed on the inside of oysters and freshwater mussels as a natural defence to irritants that try to infiltrate their fragile shell. Pearls are then harvested very carefully from a living oyster in a safe way that does not actually harm the oyster at all.

Let's Dive In

There are many different types of pearls, the two main pearl types being Akoya and Freshwater. Akoya pearls are perfectly round, and mostly found in white or light pink and silver hues. Freshwater pearls can be less round and come in a variety of colours including pink and purple. The majority of the worlds Freshwater Pearls are grown in lakes and rivers throughout China making them the leading supplier in pearls. Akoya pearls are a variety of salt water pearls found in Japan, these are potentially the most popular and desired pearls in the world and are considered to be more rare than Freshwater Pearls.

white pearl stud earrings with gold clasp

One In Ten Thousand

Natural pearls are of the most rare gemstones in the world, this is because only 1 in every 10,000 oysters actually contain a pearl. The population of wild oysters continues to remain affected by overfishing which also makes natural pearl discoveries hard to find. This is where lab created, or cultured pearls lend a hand in helping to fill the gaps of hard to find pearls. Cultured pearls are still formed in oysters and mussels, just in a protected, controlled environment called pearl farms. Different types of oysters and mussels are still used to create either Akoya or Freshwater pearls in these cultured pearl labs.

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls are the official birthstone of June, their link to water and their bright white and delicate colours make them a perfect fit for a summer look. Due to the rarity of natural pearls, they have grown a reputation of riches and wealth. With an early increase of royalty and people of power wearing pearls, this also contributed to their high class reputation. Pearls are believed to represent a long life and strong fertility, they're also a symbol of perfection which is reflected from their seemingly perfect look. Discover pearl jewellery in store at Silveri Jewellers today or shop online here. ••


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