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Let's Talk: Rubies

Known for it's deep rich red colour, rubies are one of four of the worlds most precious gemstones. Let's take a closer look at July's birthstone...

oval cut ruby rings with diamond halo set in yellow gold

Now That's Precious

There are four gemstones considered the worlds most precious: Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies. The combination of their rarity, strength and history are what make these four the most precious of all gemstones. These stones have been around for centuries and continue to remain some of the most desired stones. Rubies most often have a lovely cranberry red colour to them and can range from deep red to pink with the deepest red being considered the most valuable. It is exceptionally rare to discover a ruby without any imperfections, in fact, inclusions in a ruby are often used to confirm a genuine ruby from a synthetic ruby.

Rubies Mark On History

Asian countries have always held the ruby in highest esteem, for years India and China adorned the armour of noblemen with rubies. They believed it brought them strength and protection in battle. European royalty has also famously worn rubies in their jewellery and fashions. The Queen of England has been seen showcasing a stunning tiara and necklace featuring Burmese Rubies. Burmese Rubies are the most valuable in the world and can be worth millions as they have little to no flaws. A ruby gem is a sure sign of wealth, riches and power and that's thanks to kings and queens of the past adorning themselves with the lovely red stone.

A Little Love

Aside from being a symbol of riches and wealth, rubies are also known to symbolize love and passion, obviously stemming from the deep red colour they possess. Because of this symbolism, many will celebrate anniversaries with ruby jewellery. Bring a bit of love into your life and shop ruby jewellery at Silveri Jewellers today. Visit us in store or shop online here. ••


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