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Let's Talk: Peridot

It may not be the most well known stone but there is a lot to discover when looking at Augusts birthstone, peridot. Let's dive in together!

Gorgeously Green

Peridot is one of the few gems that is found in just one colour, green. It can come in different variations of light to dark green but it mostly possesses a lovely olive green colour. Egyptians are believed to be the first to discover and mine peridot. To this day, peridot remains the national gemstone of Egypt. Since then, peridot has been found in many places around the world including Kenya, South Africa, Australia and China.

Out Of This World

When the Egyptians first discovered peridot, they named it the "sun gem" because they believed it had fallen from the sky. As history moved forward it turns out they may have in fact been correct! Peridot has been found inside of meteorites, meaning it does not solely exist on our planet. To take it one step further, in 2006 NASA explorers brought back mineral deposits that had traces of peridot in them, proving yet again that Earth may not be the only home of peridot.

The Meaning Behind It All

Like all gemstones peridot carries with it a history that dates back centuries, Cleopatra was a lover of all gemstones but it's been said that she especially loved peridot. Ancient Romans were also very fond of the olive green stone, but would occasionally confuse it for emerald and therefore gave it the name "emerald of the evening". Peridot is believed to bring good luck and inner strength to those who wear it. Plus, because of its light green colour, it has also become a symbol of inner peace, harmony and good health.

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